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I suffered from anxiety and claustrophobia. The Hypnotherapy sessions really helped me to overcome both of these issues. I would thoroughly recommend it!

Anonymous female

Whatever causes our worries, anxieties and fears, we already have the answers. We just need guidance to find them and the courage to face them. You helped me to do that through discussion and hypnotherapy. Thank you Jo

Helen N xx

I found the therapy very helpful, definitely helped with my anxiety issues.


I came to you after smoking for 40 years and being diagnosed with COPD. I have tried to give up over the years and probably tried everything out there with no success but have finally beaten the habit after one session with you. I’m glad to say I’ve been smoke free for 8 months thank you.

Mrs H from Rochester Hoo

Jo assisted me in becoming calmer about noise situation from a neighbours dog. It was a pleasure to experience to complete relaxation the therapy brings and I have promised myself a "maintenance" session soon.


Calm, relaxing environment, Jo is incredibly professional and warming. This was my first time for any kind of hypnotherapy – I was made to feel valued and understood. Working on my confidence, anxiety and relationship breakdown. Jo helped me discover time for me, that it’s ok to not be in control and that I matter. Thank you x

Miss O

Following a road accident I felt very emotional, vulnerable and frustrated. I sceptically had five sessions of Reiki and was amazed at how it helped, not only with my state of mind but also the physical pain


I was ready to stop making excuses, have a good, hard look at what was holding me back and then make positive choices for my well being. It was time to put myself first. With Jo's support, objective view point and honesty, i was able to see things for what they were. It hurt, but i needed to go through the emotional pain in order to take control of it. After a handful of counselling sessions and a session of hypnotherapy, i am finally free at last, i matter to me.

Miss N from Rochester

I have been trying to deal with alcoholism on and off for all of my life and Jo seamed to deal with pointing out the root causes of this illness. She was able to do this through good conversation and in a way that i was able to see my deficiencies almost before it was pointed out.

N.M from Rochester (aged 47)

After feeling extremely depressed and lacking in confidence, my confidence levels are back on track. After only a few sessions, Jo completely transformed the way i deal with everyday situations and given me the tools on how to deal with everyday life.

Miss NL (aged 30)

I was very impressed with Jo's approach. She was professional and took great care in finding out the issues and exploring the wider courses. She was empathetic and warm in manner.

The two sessions of hypnotherapy have helped with feelings of worry and related behaviours. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo.

Miss W (aged 30)

I came to Jo with a driving phobia/confidence issues, she has helped me immensely! Would definitely recommend! Many thanks Jo!

Mrs O' (aged 39)
(following 3 sessions of hypnotherapy/counselling)

I had a massive feeling of loss and lack of confidence. I cried alot and had lost all interest in what I once enjoyed. After the hypnotherapy and course of counselling sessions and during, I used tips given to me by Jo. Now I am enjoying a new career move and am growing in myself every day, most days I'm happy."

Thank you with warmest regards. x

Mrs M from Rochester (aged 44)

Having had several previous attempts at stopping smoking, I hope I have now found a way that will stick. Jo also had experience relevant to my life experiences and history, I went to a stopping smoking, hypnotherapy session and came out having moved a life block that had been with me for a long time. Since the session my mood has been lifted and I have not smoked.

Sam from London

I had been through a very tough time due to bereavement, lack of self esteem and image and trying to be there for everyone else. I found the hypnotherapy both relaxing and helpful along with the counselling to help me see things from a different perspective.

Mrs C from Rochester, Kent

Jo helped me to clarify the issues I was struggling with. Dealing with difficult, challenging emotions and feelings - some deep rooted in childhood problems which effected my adult life. I feel the sessions enabled me to explore my own reactions to situations and grow stronger in my relationships.

Mrs Pink Rochester (aged 28)

At the time my therapy helped me, and I enjoyed the sessions. I would consider it again.

Female from Kent

Very pleased with the assistance I received from Jo, makes you feel relaxed and able to help clear things or make you understand to make changes. Thanks Jo.


I had issues with overcoming an issue that happened last year, Jo has helped me overcome what has happened and given me skills to work through my issue. Thank you for all your help, I feel a lot better and cope with a lot more.

Miss C from Medway (aged 26)

After a chain of upsetting events, my self esteem and confidence dropped almost to zero. For the first time in my life I felt I couldn't cope without professional help. I gained back my ability to think positively after several counselling sessions and now have the strength to deal with the consequences of those events.

Anonymous female

A helpful experience, lasting impact has been that I think more clearly about my eating habits and why I eat. I question my motives for eating and feeling, thank you.

N L Rawlins

I found Jo to be a very professional but friendly practitioner. Since I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy, my attitude to food and eating has changed dramatically. Inspite of the odd slip up, I have maintained a healthy diet with no between or while preparing meals snacking. Thank you so much.

Sue Ranson (aged 58)

I had one hypnotherapy session and feel I am on the right track to eating smaller portions and I am losing pounds.

Mrs J.M from Rochester (aged 44)

I had two hypnotherapy sessions, I have changed the way I feel about food. Smaller portions and having breakfast, I have lost over a stone.

Mr R.M from Rochester (aged 54)

I had continuous headaches for a few years. I had been trying different therapies, when I tried reiki I felt benefits straight away, It has not taken the headaches away but it does give me slight relief for a couple of days.

Mark Russell from Chatham (aged 37)

I found the session to be very relaxing, Jo was extremely kind, thoughtful and professional. I have found I have been feeling much better about myself and have more confidence after only one session of hypnotherapy.

C A Higham

I've found the counselling sessions really helpful, I’m not just a sex offender, I am a real person. It’s hard talking about yourself but sometimes you have to look back at your past to move forward and be happy. With Jo’s help I’m getting there. The road ahead is long and I’m halfway there and I’m on the right track. I’m focussed I know where I am going and where I want to be, not to re-offend and be with my family.

Mr M from Kent (aged 44)

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